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A week in Sweden will take place on March 12 -14, the Monday through Wednesday leading up to Knutpunkt 2018, in Malmö. Malmö is located ten minutes by train from Lund and 30 minutes from Copenhagen.

The days will offer larps, a conference on Edularp, other events and a place to hang out.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Malmö!


Our venue is STUDIO located close to Malmö Central Station. At STUDIO we have a great space to hang out and a black box for larps and other events. There is also a salad bar and a restaurant. Our main hotel is in the same building. The address of the venue is Nordenskiöldsgatan 24.

The Edularp conference will be held at Sensus on the address Studentgatan 4. This is ten minutes by bus from the main AWIS venue.


The hotel located at the venue has offered us reasonable rates during A Week in Sweden. At storyhotels.com you can book rooms (single or double) for 1050 SEK per night including breakfast using our code WEEKINSWEDEN18. The code is valid for the dates March 11 – 16. This hotel is in the same building as the AWIS venue.

For those who are looking for single rooms at a little lower price we also have a deal for a limited number of rooms at Comfort Hotel Malmö. This hotel is 845 SEK per night including breakfast. The code is 2029GR011460 and it is valid for the dates March 12-15. To book contact the hotel directly at +46 40 330 445 or group.malmo@choice.se. Comfort Hotel Malmö is within walking distance from the AWIS venue. This hotel also offers double rooms at 1045 SEK per night. If you wish to book a double room let them know when you make your reservation.

We will not organise peer accommodation, but you might get in touch with larpers in the area through our Facebook event.


The organisers of AWIS will be on location from lunchtime Monday March 12.

Most of the activities will take place on the afternoons and the evenings of March 12, 13 and 14. The hangout area at the venue is open round-the-clock and there is a restaurant in the building.

On Thursday March 15 those who want to can travel the short distance to Lund and the Knutpunkt venue together with a local guide.

The program items will be announced one by one as they are confirmed! There will be larps and larp related activities and perhaps something else entirely. Stay posted! Below you will find the schedule for the week so far.

Monday – 12 March
13-15 pm, Have late lunch with us! Meetup for lunch at Sallads and Smoothies, Studio Malmö
16-18 pm, Boffer@AWiS, location: Studio Malmö, the Blackbox (Facebook event)
18 pm, The restaurant at Studio closes at 18 pm
18-22 pm, LARP The angel who did not dare to jump, location: Studio Malmö, the Blackbox (Facebook event)

Tuesday – 13 March
13-16 pm, LARP Burning Orchid, location: Studio Malmö, the Blackbox (Facebook event)
17-20 pm, LARP Kessel 512, location: Studio Malmö, the Blackbox (Facebook event)
18 pm, The restaurant at Studio closes at 18 pm
19-22 pm, LARP The Drinklings, location: Meetup at Studio Malmö for a walk to a nearby pub (Facebook event)

Wednesday – 14 march
8:30 – 18 pm Edularp Conference (Facebook event)
15-18:30 pm, LARP At the foot of Yggdrasil, location: Regementsgatan 4 Malmö (Facebook event)
19-22 pm, Nordic Larp Talks, location: Studio Malmö, the Satellite (Facebook event)
22 pm, The restaurant at Studio closes at 22 pm


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at awis[at]knutpunkt.se.

Facebook event – get information updates and keep in contact with new or old friends here.