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Knutpunkt 2018 is currently sold out. The information below is relevant only if you have already purchased a ticket for the event.

The prices of the tickets varies depending on what kind of room you choose and include food and lodgings from Thursday evening to Sunday morning and full access to the entire conference, all the social events and hotel guest areas. The prices will be as follows.

Regular (spot in quad room) 2700 SEK
Upgraded (spot in triple room) 2900 SEK
Business (spot in double room) 4300 SEK
Subsidised (spot in quad room. Only available if crowdfunded) 1700 SEK

The hotel is a mini-suite-hotel, which means that all the rooms will have at least a double/twin bed in a bedroom and an adjoining room. The regular rooms will contain one double or twin-bed and either a bunk bed or a sofa-bed of 140-160 cm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sign up for Knutpunkt?
You do it by purchasing a ticket on this page and by registering in our registration system My Knutpunkt. Note that you have to do both in order to be considered as registered. Please note that the event is currently sold out.

Will there be single rooms available?
Unfortunately no. 

How many subsidised tickets are there?
All the subsidised tickets are crowdfunded by one business ticket or crowdfunded by our participants. For this reason we cannot foresee the amount of subsidised tickets.

Can I pay my ticket in parts?
Unfortunately, there are no longer any possibility to pay your ticket in installments.

How many tickets are there in total?
There are roughly 450 tickets to the event.

Will there be day tickets without lodgings?
Unfortunately not as it is today, due to the restrictions of the venue.

How does the crowdfunding work?
If someone crowdfunds a ticket, one subsidised ticket will be made available for somebody with less money. The subsidised ticket will be for a spot in a quad room.

Can I choose who I will stay with?
Yes. You will be able to wish who you will stay with when you register for your ticket. We can not promise that you all will end up staying with the people you wished for, but we will do our very best to make as many as happy as possible. 

I have paid. When will I get my payment confirmation?
Normally you will get your payment confirmation within one week or two. Please have patience since we need to do this manually. When it is done, we will also activate your My Knutpunkt account so that you can register for program items in the future.

I have purchased a ticket, but can no longer attend Knutpunkt 2018. Can I refund my ticket?
Unfortunately, we cannot refund any tickets once they are paid. If you would like, however, you could re-sell your ticket to someone else before the 31th of January 2018. Please make sure to inform us about the transfer by sending an e-mail to info[at] and that the new ticket owner register a user at My Knutpunkt so that we can transfer your ticket. Please also note that the tickets are not transferred until they have been confirmed in My Knutpunkt.

After the 31th of January 2018, you can no longer re-sell your ticket, but if you are unable to attend to the event, please contact us at info[at] as soon as possible so we can make the proper adjustments for the hotel.