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The tickets for Knutpunkt will be available later this summer. A more specific date will be announced later. The price will vary depending on what kind of room you choose and include food and lodgings from Thursday evening to Sunday morning and full access to the entire conference, all the social events and hotel guest areas. The prices will be as follows.

Regular (spot in quad room) 2700 SEK
Upgraded (spot in triple room) 2900 SEK
Business (spot in double room) 4300 SEK
Subsided (only available if crowdfunded) 1700 SEK

The hotel is a mini-suite-hotel, which means that all the rooms will have at least a double/twin bed in a bedroom and an adjoining room. The regular rooms will contain one double or twin-bed and either a bunk bed or a sofa-bed of 140-160 cm.


There will also be a possibility to crowdfund tickets. They will cost 3700 SEK for regular tickets and 3900 SEK for upgraded tickets. For the business tickets, the crowdfunding is included in the price. If you buy such a ticket, you will make one subsidised ticket available for somebody with less money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be single rooms available?
Unfortunately no. The hotel is already fully booked, which means that every single room will take away one ticket from the event. Also please note that we do not have exclusivity to the hotel.

How many subsidised tickets are there?
All the subsidised tickets are crowdfunded by one business ticket or crowdfunded by our participants. For this reason we cannot foresee the amount of subsidised tickets.

Can I pay my ticket in parts?
We are currently investigating if the system allows us to accept payments in parts. If this becomes a possibility, we will announce it on the web page.

How many tickets are there in total?
There are roughly 450 tickets to the event.

Can I choose who I will stay with?
Yes. You will be able to wish who you will stay with when you register for your ticket. We can not promise that you all will end up staying with the people you wished for, but we will do our very best to make as many as happy as possible.

When will the registration open?
The registration will open during late summer. A more specific date will be announced later.