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Welcome to the Edularp conference 2018!

The edularp conference is a meeting place for all who work with or are interested in educational larps. It is an opportunity to learn from each other and keep updated on what happens around the world. This year it will be held in Malmö, a short train ride from where Knutpunkt will be held. The organisers of the event will be LajvVerkstaden, an association which works with nordic-style larp as a cultural form and an educational tool. The aim for the conference is to give you a goodie bag full of new techniques and ideas. Of course, because we are in Sweden, there will be lots of fika.

The program

The Edularp Conference will be held on wednesday the 14th of March i Malmö during A Week in Sweden. The program will be as follows:

  • Intro
  • Fika with a twist
  • Presentations of projects and discussion
  • Lunch with a twist
  • Group discussions on three themes “Children, Adults, Values”
  • Workshops in different methods and tools
  • Fika with a twist
  • Workshops round 2
  • Wrap up

Sign up

The Edularp conference is free of charge. The sign up is now open and will be open until the 5th of March 2018. Our principle for the participants is first come, first served.

You find the signup here.

Do you want to contribute?

If you want to hold a presentation or workshop you can sign up here.
What have you learned that others needs to discover? Pay it forward by holding a presentation or workshop at the conference. When selecting submissions to the program we will look if they are suitable to other planned activities and choose the ones that complements each other in each category. This means that your submission might not be part of the program but we hope that we will have room for as many of your contributions as possible.

Last call for program is  the 22th of January 2018 and shortly after we will contact everyone who have submitted.


The presentations will be kept short and about subjects you can use in your own projects and ideas. After every presentation there will be a short discussion with prepared questions.

Group discussions

For the group discussions you will get to choose which subject intrigues you the most. Together with a discussion facilitator you as a group will decide what part of this subject you are most interested in.


During the workshops you will get to try different methods or tools. Everyone will get to participate in every workshop. After each workshop there will be a short discussion focusing on your experience of the method.

Food and accomodation

During the conference there will be fika (coffee/tea, cookies, fruit) but not any food. There is a lunch restaurant at the venue where you can get lunch. After the conference is over there  is reserved tables at a restaurant close to the venue for those who want to have dinner together.

If you need somewhere to sleep in connection to the conference we can help you reserve a room in Malmö through A week in Sweden.