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The Registration

Knutpunkt 2018 is currently sold out. The information below is currently relevant only if you have already purchased a ticket for the event.

The registration for Knutpunkt 2018 will be done in two parts.

  1. First, you will have to create a user in our registration system My Knutpunkt. To register, you will need to create a user in this system. The same system will also be used to submit and pre-register program items to the event.
  2. When you have created your user, you can purchase a ticket in our webshop. Here, you will decide what kind of ticket you would like to purchase. The purchase is identifiable through your e-mail address so it is preferred that you use the same e-mail address in your purchase that you used in your registration for My Knutpunkt.

It is possible to purchase several tickets at once, or to state another e-mail for the purchase in the webshop, but make sure to inform the organisers which participants you purchased tickets for by sending an e-mail to info[at] with the name(s) and e-mail(s) that you stated in My Knutpunkt. Any unidentifiable purchases will be considered as a generous donation to the event.

When we see your payment, we will mark your user as paid in our registration system. After this is done, you will count as a participant for Knutpunkt 2018.

We will not be able to refund any tickets once they are paid, but if you are unable to attend to Knutpunkt 2018, please contact us at info[at] as soon as possible.

For further questions about the tickets, please check our tickets’ page as well as our FAQ. If you can not find the answer of your question there, please contact us at info[at]

Many thanks to Andreas Ekeroot and Petter Karlsson for creating the registration system for Knutpunkt 2018.