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The Knutpunkt 2018 program is co-created by participants and coordinated by the program group.

You can find the program folder (that will also be distributed at the conference) here.
You can find the schedule for Knutpunkt 2018 here.
A printable version can be found here.

If you need to come in contact with the program group, please send an e-mail to

What the suits mean

Hearts – Player experience
Hearts will contain all program items regarding your own personal experience as a participant, such as bleed, how to get into character, or reflections of larps you have played.

Clubs – Practical design
Clubs will contain all program items about how to practically make an excellent experience, such as (but not limited to) how to calculate the amount of water you need in your forest larp-venue, how to use light and sound in a black box and how to best communicate with your participants.

Diamonds  – Active experiences
Diamonds will contain all the program items that require you to take active participation, such as blackbox-larps, workshops and theatre improvisation. This kind of program item might require early sign up to be sure to get at spot at the venue.

Spades – Design and larp theory
Spades will contain everything regarding design and larp theory such as (but not limited to) how to apply theatre to larp, character writing and the history of active participation.

Joker – Knutpunkt social
This is the track of the social events of Knutpunkt 2018, such as “meet new people”, lunch beat, hour of the rant, drag-show and other program items aimed towards social interaction between the participants.