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Knutpunkt 2018 is an international larp conference held on March 15th to 18th 2018 in Lund in southern Sweden. During the conference, we will discuss, develop and co-create larp theory and design – as well as socialise and exchange ideas and experiences with people from all over the world.

What to do?

Knutpunkt is a conference where co-creation play a central role. As a participant, you will spend most of the conference with both contributing to the larp scene and learn from it – whether it is through participating in a discussion, hosting a workshop or playing a larp. Knutpunkt strive to offer a creative and inspiring atmosphere where both big and small ideas deserve to be exposed and get a chance to grow. We firmly believe that everyone has a story to tell and experiences to share and we would like to encourage all our participants to embrace this spirit of Knutpunkt.

The tradition

Knutpunkt is an annual conference held by four Nordic countries (SWE/DK/FIN/NO), shifting the hosting between them each year.

The conference was first held in Norway 1997 and have since then functioned as a platform and meeting point for sharing ideas and experiences and creating new perspectives on larps and larp design. It has been a driving force in developing larping as a phenomenon, both professionally and for fun. Since it has expanded rapidly over the last couple of years, with participants joining from more than twenty countries all over the world, it has made the conference a natural focal point of larp theory and design.

Shuffling the deck

The theme of this year’s Knutpunkt is Shuffling the deck. It is when you shuffle and reshuffle a deck of cards that you can find new and interesting combinations. The card deck of Knutpunkt has been unshuffled for a while and some of the cards are missing. At this Knutpunkt, we will therefore strive towards adding cards from parts of the larp scene that aren’t represented enough at Knutpunkt. Together we can shuffle the deck and hopefully find the royal straight flush of the larp community.


Would you like to contribute to Knutpunkt 2018? Please contact the organisers.